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ServicesWe offer a wide range of services as listed below. Of all the services we offer, the most noteworthy are our English classes with native teachers, due to our use of the communicative approach to language teaching so that our students learn to speak “real English” right from the very start.

We also offer translations into English by native translators and we can review and correct your texts which have been written in English.

Don’t forget that if you sign up for any of our classes, you´ll have a special rate for our translation and review services.


Click on a tab to learn more about our services:

English for Children

English Classes for Children (in groups)

We offer first-contact English classes for children between four and ten years of age. Said classes are centered around oral English communication and the teaching methodology used is fun and interesting with educational games, songs, poems, technology applications, etc. At Ameringlés, your children will learn to speak English just as they learned to speak Spanish — playing, listening, and repeating.
English classes for children are offered in small groups (maximum: 4 students per group) at our office. We carry out a preliminary analysis of the student’s needs to determine his/her level and thus place him/her in the best group.
If you´re interested in one of our options for children, you can get in touch with us to check out our prices, ask questions, or make an appointment to get to know us face to face at our office.

English for Teens and Adults

Private English Classes for Teens and Adults

Teens and adults often have quite varying profiles. Some need to prepare for an official English exam (FCE, CAE, TOELF, IELTS, etc.), others want to learn English for work, some want to improve their conversational level in English — the possibilities are endless. That’s why we offer private classes (individual) for teens and adults which are designed with the specific needs of each student in mind. Whatever your age may be, surely you’ll find a linguistic solution at Ameringlés.
When you start individual classes with us, we do a preliminary study of your needs as a student and design a curriculum which fits perfectly with your learner profile. At Ameringlés, we know that not all students are the same and, therefore, we don’t use the same “template” for everyone.
If you´d like to know more about our private classes or you wish to set up an appointment for a free analysis of your case, don’t delay in contacting us.

Classes for Teens and Adults in Reduced-Size Groups (Shared Classes)

We offer classes in small groups for teens and adults. The groups meet once or twice a week and are formed throughout the year in accordance with the needs that arise amongst our students. To ensure the quality of our classes and guarantee a high level of personalized attention, there are never more than four students per group.
If you and your friends wish to have class together, you can get in touch with us to request a closed group (a private group that is only for you and your friends). If you don´t know anyone else with your same level and needs, you can join one of our open groups.
If you want more information about our group classes or you’d like to make an appointment for a free analysis of your case, don’t delay in contacting us.

English for Businesses

English Classes for Companies

We offer 100% personalized classes with native teachers that perfectly meet the needs of your company: conversation for business trips, negotiation of contracts in English, drafting of letters and contracts in English, etc.
You can get in touch with us to undergo a free, no-obligations analysis of the solutions we can offer your business. At Ameringlés, we know that no two businesses are alike; therefore, when you get in touch with us, we’ll carry out a rigorous study of your needs and design a personalized action plan.


Spanish-English Translations

Our native translators do translations from Spanish to English for private clients and companies. We offer quality translations and guarantee your satisfaction. Our competitive prices vary depending on the number of words and the difficulty of the text.
We hope you’ll send us an email to ask for a free, no-obligations estimate.

Text Review

Review and Correction of Texts Written in English

Now you can give your texts written in English the “native touch” with our review and correction service. It works like this: you send us your text –written in English– and we will review and correct it so that the final product is written in natural English which is easy to understand. We can review any type of document; however, the documents that we get the most of are:
  • Doctoral theses and other university assignments.
  • Documents related with business outside of Spain (contracts, letters, emails, estimates, etc.).
  • Marketing materials written in English.
  • Etc.
Our competitive prices vary depending on the number of words and difficulty of the text. Remember also that the review and correction service is less expensive than the translation service.
If you’d like more information, please send us an email  to request a free estimate.
New for the 2015-2016 school year! Our adult students in group classes, as well as those students who are preparing official exams with us in a group, will be able to freely access our new virtual classroom.
Are you looking for something you don´t see here? Send us an email and we´ll design a personalized solution to fit your specific needs.